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Drake Jasso founded PastTimes (c) Collectibles in 1993 and located the PastTimes Collectibles Store on the historic Queen Mary's Promenade Deck. The original premise was to sell historic magazines and newspapers tied to maritime travel and Ocean Liners. As people found the store, they asked about buying Ocean Liner memorabilia along with the paper collectibles. Drake started tracking down and adding items that he found from his customers' private collections. With the advent of the Internet and Ebay, he was able to purchase hundreds of items that met his growing customer requests. When the motion picture "Titanic" came out, demand for all things Ocean Liner skyrocketed. Add the ongoing, travelling Titanic artifact shows, displaying nationwide over the past 10 years and you can understand why requests for Ocean Liner artifacts still continue to this day.

Over the past 16 years Drake partnered with Chris Johnston, who as a crew member worked on various ships in the '70's as a "Ships Photographer", also adding associates Kimberly Fanzo, Linda Taylor, Sister Marie and John Kamas, all ship afficianodos and Ocean Liner experts.

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (562) 499-1768

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At PastTimes (c) Collectibles we pride ourselves in presenting high quality, verified Collectibles....and at a price that you can afford. In addition to your purchases being made with any major credit card we also accept PayPal and personal checks. If you have a question, please email us and one of our in-house representatives will be in contact with you within the day. Here are some frequently asked questions: 

Q. Can I email you with questions about an item?
A. Absolutely! One of our staffers will make sure that your questions get answered within the day. Our email is

Q. How do I verify that an item purchased at PastTimes is what you claim on the website?
A. Verification all depends on the item and its value. If it is a collectible item or one of a kind piece we will also have paperwork accompanying the item to collaborate its origin and uniqueness. We do have 2 Certified Appraisers and 2 Ocean Liner experts on staff to source out each and every item sold at PastTimes.

Q. I am looking for a matching item to fill out my Collection. Can you help me locate a missing item or duplicate?
A. Yes, our Search and Research department is second to none when it comes to tracking down missing or desired items. Send or email a photo of your item, so that we can track down its mate.

Q. Can I purchase online an item I see in your retail store?
A. Everything you see in the ship's store can also be purchased online, if still in stock. It's best that you contact us directly to ensure that the item is still available.

Q. Is there more than one "Past Times" store or website?
A. Unfortunately yes, there are several shops and online sites out there trying to get your money! Seriously, if you want Ocean Liner memorabilia, you can trust  that we are the real original.

Q. Are there any Titanic items available? If so are they expensive?
A. Any Titanic original item is going to be very pricey. That said, there are some pieces that do become available from time to time. Contact us with your wants and budget. We can also obtain Titanic movie reproductions for you as well.

Q. Do you sell Books and Magazines about Ocean Liners?
A. Yes, we have literally hundreds of Books and Magazines related to specific ships at sea, maritime activities and Ocean Liner lore.

Q. I have a piece of Ocean Liner merchandise that I inherited. Can you Appraise it for me?
A. As we mentioned, we do have 2 Certified Appraisers and 2 Ocean Liner experts on staff to evauluate, source out and realistically price your collectible for you.

Q. Do you have a Mailing List or E-Mail Alert Newsletter?
A. A Newsletter and Ocean Liner Blog are both in the works. If you email us and ask to be sent info at
we will see to it that you will be on our email list.

Q. I am planning a trip to Long Beach to visit the Queen Mary. Can you arrange a Ship's Tour?
A. We can help you by putting you in touch with the onboard Queen Mary tour facilities office. We can also help you line up Hotel Queen Mary accommodations on the ship as well.

Q. I am looking for a unique gift for a relative who may or may not like "Ships"....any ideas for a Gift?
A. In addition to our many nautically themed items, we stock a large selection of classic magazines and newspapers that can be purchased for just such a special occasion.

Q. Some of your Prices seem high. How do you price your items?
A. Very Carefully! Remember, one-of-a-kind items are just that. With time, original items will only appreciate in value and uniqueness. If you are on a tight budget, ask our staffers to recommend something that can meet your needs.
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