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Welcome to PastTimes Collectibles! We specialize in Ocean Liner Memorabilia from the Golden Age of Travel.  If you have a love for these Grand Ladies of the Seas, you will find something special available here:  furnishings, china, glassware, books, magazines, menus, jewelry, uniforms, ash trays, passenger lists, machinery and much more!

PastTimes Collectibles started with a unique store located aboard the fabulous Hotel Queen Mary in Long Beach, California.  This beautiful Ocean Liner seemed the natural place to establish an antique store specializing in the history and artifacts of a by-gone era. 


Ocean Liners were once the only way to travel between continents and the people who made such journeys did so for a variety of reasons:  to start new lives in another country, to conduct business in foreign markets, or to experience the diverse cultures of the world.  Whatever the reason, these floating cities offered their passengers a myriad of activities and services throughout the journey.  From the simple and often severe accommodations in lower classes to the lavish and elegant surrounds of the upper classes, the notion of "you get what you pay for" was never more clearly evident than onboard these amazing ships.


Remnants of these past wonders are still with us today, and through our store and this site, you will be able have a piece of that past for yourselves.  If there is something you would like to find, please contact us and we will be delighted to help you find it!



PastTimes also owes its name to the vast collection of Back Issue Magazines and Newspapers we stock and sell.  These  "Past Times" newspapers and magazines, along with related materials, make the perfect gift to mark an anniversary, birthday or a special event.  You will receive complete and original issues to keep and enjoy looking at for years to come!



PastTimes Classic Magazine collection includes such titles as The Saturday Evening Post, Life, Time, Look, Colliers, Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, Playboy and Vogue to name a few. We have over 150,000 magazines in stock. 

Welcome to the World's Largest Ocean Liner Memorabilia Dealer & Back Issue Magazine/Newspaper Seller Since 1932
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